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Physical Education

We recognise the role of Physical Education in providing children with a truly balanced and child-centered active education.’ 

We also established key aims:

  • to promote the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the child

  • to develop positive personal qualities

  • to help in the acquisition of an appropriate range of movement skills in a variety of contexts

  • to promote understanding and knowledge of the various aspects of movement

  • to develop an appreciation of movement and the use of the body as an instrument of expression and creativity

  • to promote enjoyment of, and positive attitudes towards, physical activity and its contribution to lifelong health-related fitness, thus preparing the child for the active and purposeful use of leisure time.

A closer look at the Physical Education Curriculum being taught in our school.

PAWS Water Safety

Senior Infants

In the final term, Senior Infants embark on their PAWS journey, learning all about water safety in a fun and engaging way.  We received a presentation from the RNLI to reinforce all that we have learned while engaging with the Aquatics strand of the PE curriculum.


Belgrove's PE Press

Storage and Equipment for PE Classes

Recently updated, labelled and organised to make PE equipment more accessible to all classes. We are hoping to buy Hoola Hoop racks in the future and a second storage press for our outdoor PE equipment.

equip storage.jpg
ball storage.jpg

A commitment to Physical Education

60 minutes of PE weekly

Here in Belgrove we are committed to delivering no less than 60 minutes of PE each week to the girls. Our Hall timetable has been drawn up with this in mind. We are lucky to have use of the Astro Turf and a super play area where PE lessons can be delivered outdoors.

Recently Puchased Equipment

Some pictures of new PE equipment bought for PE lessons and active playgrounds.

Our PE School Plan

Our school follows a PE plan, setting out our strands and strand units to be covered in each stream. We recently added elements of FMS (Fundamental Movement Skills) to our plans, setting out a path and progression for each stream. Teachers try to stick to our timeline as best as possible, ensuring that the classes cover the PE curriculum during their time in the Infant Girls School. Reminders of chosen strands and FMS skills are on the walls of our PE hall.


PE homework: As we are an active school we will receive Active Homework at different stages throughout the year.

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