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Physical Activity

How we are incorporating more physical activity into our day

Physical Activity: Welcome

Run to the Olympics

Tokyo, Japan

Did you know it is 11, 786 miles to Tokyo, Japan, where the 2021 Olympics are taking place? This May, Belgrove Infant Girls school will embark on a running challenge that will bring them to the Olympics. That meaning, the school will have to complete 11, 786 laps of our yard to get there. It's a big goal but we think we can do it! Each girl will have to run 47 laps of the yard over a four week period. We believe this will be a great way to keep fit and active as we approach the end of the school year and a great way to build excitement for the upcoming Olympics. The Belgrove Torch has been lit and it's time to go! Don't forget to check back in to see how we are getting on.

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Playground Leaders

Physical Activity in the Yard

Our committee members have been hard at work ensuring that all girls are keeping their active promises during yard time. We have zoned off a section of the yard for some PE equipment and trained some girls in how to set up activities and encourage girls to get involved and get moving during break time. Each class will have the chance to try out a range of outdoor friendly games. It is also a great way to stay sociable during yard. It has been a huge hit so far and are leaders have done a brilliant job setting up. Well done, girls!

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Active Lines 2021

We hate it when yard time is over, but we love lining up now that Active Lines are back. All the girls will join their line and get a few minutes of exercise in before returning to class. Each day has a particular exercise to try. Teachers on yard are keeping their eyes peeled and rewarding girls with stickers. Give it a try and see how good you feel!

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Climb the Heights

Skipping Challenge

During the month of February we asked the girls to take part in a skipping challenge which they completed at home. We would like to thank everyone for keeping their active promises during Lockdown. Many of our girls climbed to some great heights. We are so proud of you! Keep up the good work.

Climb the heights poster.jpg
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Active Break Challenge 2020

During November 2020, our teachers and classes embarked on another Active break Challenge. We believe this kind of physical activity helps us to stay focused and healthy throughout the day. Our teachers and girls kept their active promises during the month and had lots of fun doing so. Here is a snapshot of what we got up to!

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Fitness Monopoly

It's time to make up for all those Easter Eggs with a new fitness challenge at home this week. Print this out and get playing a new type of Monoploy with your family.

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Physical Activity During Covid-19

Ways to stay active at home

During these unprecedented times, we are thinking up ways to stay active while being at home. Get the whole family involved with this one with each person spelling out their name and trying the matching activity. Just click 'Read More' to see the chosen exercises. And remember, Let's get Moving - Let's get Belgroooving!

Kids with Capes
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Active Break Challenge

A Break A Day keeps the sillies away

During November and December the girls and their teachers participated in an Active Break Challenge that saw them incorporating more physical activity into their working day. Here in Belgrove we know that these movement breaks help us to stay healthy, concentrate and focus more and of course, have fun! Our ASF committee lead the challenge for Week One, choosing a movement break for the whole school. The class teachers completed three more weeks of movement breaks in their rooms. Here is a sample of some of our activities. Well done, everyone!

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Ms. Breslin's 12 Days of Christmas

Join Ms. Breslin and her class as they prepare for Christmas, the active way!

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