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WOW Stepping Stones

Welcome back and well done for keeping up with our activities during Lockdown.

As you know, this year, we are encouraging as many families as possible to get behind our Walk on Wednesday initiative. Our Parents Association kindly organised a banner to promote W.O.W earlier in the year which can be seen at the front of the school gates.

We would encourage parents to help their children participate in W.O.W. by positively promoting W.O.W. to your children and allowing enough time to walk, cycle or scoot to school in the morning/afternoon. If you live too far away from school, perhaps you would consider parking near the school and getting your children to walk some of the way to school.

Your daughter will receive a W.O.W. stepping stone poster from her teacher. Each Wednesday that your daughter walks, cycles or scoots to school you can date the stepping stone. (Please only date the Wednesdays). There are 10 stepping stones to equate to 10 W.O.W Wednesdays.

Once all your daughter’s stepping stones are complete and dated, return the document to her class teacher for her special W.O.W. certificate. Please find the document attached also for your records.

Spring is in the air, so let’s get our step count up and keep active!



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