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What Club are you in? Survey Results.

  • Looking for some fitspiration for your children? Then look no further. Here is a list of clubs and activities our girls are enrolled in outside of school. What an active bunch!

  • Sea scouts (5th Port)

  • Killester School of Ballet

  • Westwood Swim Club

  • Billy Barry School of Dance

  • Clontarf Lawn Tennis Club

  • Eccles Gymnastics Club

  • Clontarf Rugby Club

  • Swimming at the CRC

  • Beaver Scouts

  • Junior Park Run

  • Clontarf GAA

  • Clontarf Hockey

  • Arabian Gymnastics

  • Irish Dancing at St. Gabriel's

  • The Metropolitan School of Dance

  • Climbing Walls, Westwood

Futhermore to this info, the girls shared their ideas on how to make the yard a more active playground.

· Swings & slides

· Balls

· Hula hoops

· Things to play with or on

· Longer and more interactive break times

· Skipping ropes

· Learn some new games

· Basketballs & nets

· Beanbags

· Music at break times

· Giant Jenga

· Sand pit

· Obstacle courses

· Running path

· Games for when I want to play by myself

· More running and more games

· Maze on ground

Further information from our survey is displayed in our school.

Thanks for your input!



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