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PE Equipment

We are so lucky to have so much support in our school for our Active Flag initiative. It has gotten off to a flying start! We were recently able to purchase some new PE equipment, thanks to our Principal and Board of Management. The new equipment will be of great use, not just during PE lessons, but during active playground breaks and sports days.

Here is a list of all our new purchases!

- Yard Trunk

- Javelins (8 plus bag)

- Tunnel

- Beanbags

- Relay batons

- Ankle skips

- Stopwatch (x4)

- Parachute (and pouch)

- Discs

- Space markers (domes)

- Shot put

- Floor ladders (x3)

- Hurdles (plus carry bag)

- Numbered Cones

- Ring toss

- Textured Bean Bags

- Skipping Ropes

- Hedgehog stones

- Non-slip spots

- Tunnel



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