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20x20 Competition

You might be aware that this year the 20x20 campaign was working hard to increase the number of females we see in the area of sport with the motto, if she can’t see it, she can’t be it. Here at Belgrove Infant Girl’s school we share their values and beliefs. And we want to celebrate that.

Incorporating our new school initiative, WoW (Walk on Wednesday) and the 20x20 campaign, we have an end of year competition for the girls. There are two options available:

· Create a poster promoting ‘WoW’ and active ways to come to school on Wednesdays

· A mini project on a female sports star.

Entries should be sent into the class teacher by Wednesday 16th December and they will be displayed proudly in our school. All entries will receive a special sports sticker and the top entries will receive a special sports prize. We hope many of our girls choose to get involved with this great opportunity to support other girls in sport! You can check out all their work at

On top of that, each classroom will receive a copy of the book 'Girls Play, too' for their class libraries to enjoy and feel inspired!

We can't wait to see your entries!



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